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Success Stories

Joba & Raju

Wedding Date - 2014-05-07


Today we have better self-esteem which helps us to have a better connection with each other.  We have a stronger bond that we both feel.  We are incredibly grateful to Bride Groom BD – I wish I could rave more freely about her.  What I’ll say is the greatest thing about her: she will work hard for your relationship in a way that helps you feel hope.  You won’t waste your time with her – she gets you moving right from the get-go in a very safe and supportive way.

Swati & Suren

Wedding Date - 2014-05-12

Our process individually and together in the Bor-Bodhu BD has helped us build on what was and is a good relationship by taking the time to recognize what has made it such. I’ve particularly benefited from identifying the ruts that I’ve fallen into that seem to go hand in hand with us men and that, while benefiting me on many levels in my life, tended to isolate me and work against me in my relationship with my wife. Being able to talk with the therapist and coach, and with my wife, about those behaviors in a non-judgmental and accepting environment has been liberating and relationship changing.

Nirmala & Shaam

Wedding Date - 2014-06-28

What I’ve learned is after an affair, you cannot stay the same in your relationship.  You cannot stay the same in life.  You have to decide and then change.  Whatever you decide, don’t carry the hurt and pain without talking to someone.  Don’t do that to yourself.  If you decide to work through it, give Bor-Bodhu BD a call.  You and your husband will feel comfortable with it. We’re really glad we did.

Prova & Rajib

Wedding Date - 2014-09-30

In truth, I’m amazed that my wife put up with me as long as she did, and at the same time, I’m grateful that she gave me this chance – certainly way beyond a second chance – to work with her at the Bor-Bodhu BD on smoothing out our bumps in the road. Many of which have been my own.

Thanks Grace Matrimony

Joya & Jibon

Wedding Date - 2014-09-02

When my wife and I were searching for a counselor to help our marriage, we identified several we might want to work with. I sent each of them about 8 questions regarding their approach and method and how they worked with our particular dynamic. Only Bor-Bodhu BD responded. It was close to a full page! Our thought was this: if someone cared enough to write this type of response, he would care about our relationship just as much. That’s what we wanted and that’s what we’ve found.


Thanks for Grace Matrimony. Good site for searching a partner.

Monika & Imran

Wedding Date - 2014-09-24

My husband and I have communicated more in the past 30 days than we have in the past 5 years.  I can’t tell you how invaluable Bor-Bodhu BDs coaching and counsel have been for our marriage.  What he’s given us is more than just an education.  He started by actively helping us identify what’s working in our relationship.  This was a new approach for us, but it has given us the confidence we need to begin making changes. We’re very excited to build on this!